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Because I am a specialist in both sex and couples therapy and I have years of experience as a general therapist, I provide a unique and powerful set of tools to help you individually and in your relationship. Using a variety of approaches, I work with individuals and couples to improve communication, intimacy, and connection.  Sometimes we need to dig deep into our past in order to better understand how the blueprints from childhood impact the present, and sometimes it is enough to develop new understandings about our partners and ourselves. I love learning, engaging in trainings, and reading the latest research in order to help you create meaningful change in your life and in your partnership.


Sometimes we know that we would benefit from support and insight as we explore personal concerns. Maybe you feel stuck in a relationship, stuck without one, or struggle with something you are ashamed to share with others. In therapy we will work to better understand how thoughts and feelings don’t always match up and can pull us in opposite directions. We will explore how past experiences in our families or in previous relationships still affect how we see things today. When I work with clients, I offer you years of wisdom, insight, compassion and maybe even a push that can help you move toward the change you want. I am an active participant in guiding change.


When we can’t get unstuck ourselves, we can benefit from help.  Sometimes the wisdom of another person who doesn’t take sides, but instead helps us see the patterns we are stuck in, can allow us to find a path forward.  When I work with couples, I aim to help you develop more empathy for your partner and for yourself.  I also aim to help you improve your ability to respond rather than just react to your partner.  You will find a space where you can voice concerns, hopes, and needs, leading to better intimacy inside and outside of the bedroom.

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