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I had already been a psychotherapist for over 15 years when I read Esther Perel’s Mating in Captivity in 2009. After reading her book, which looks at how we all struggle to maintain intimacy in long term relationships, I sought Esther out as a teacher and mentor and spent the next several years working with her and other experts in the field. Five years later I became an AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist. 


I love my work as a sex and relationship therapist, and I am grateful daily for my years as a general therapist. I am able to bring expertise in the field of mental health that few sex therapists have. Additionally, I benefit from the fact that my husband of more than 25 years, Dr. Craig Heacock, is a psychiatrist in Fort Collins. With permission from my clients, I can consult with him to better assist my clients who might also be struggling with mental health concerns.  Few psychotherapists have such an incredible resource in their home.


Together we have three daughters. My own personal experience gives me additional insight into the stresses and joys of a long-term committed relationship and family life.


  • Masters Degree In Social Work, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Bachelors Degree in History, Brown University


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